Checklist For Sending Files

ATTENTION! If your files do not comply to these specifications we can not guarantee that your job will be printed correctly or on time

3mm of bleed is required for all jobs with a background colour, texture or image. If your artwork is not supplied with bleed, we may ask you to resupply it or will charge you for the time it takes us to correct it.

All digital flies must be flattened, i.e. all layers and vector graphics converted to outlines.

File format:

  • PDF is the only Preferred File Format.
  • Multiples files should be supplied as a single PDF file only.

Sending your file

  • If your file is under 10MB then you can email it to us at:
  • If it’s larger than 10MB, please send via dropbox, mailbigfile or wetransfer.

File Naming Convention

  • File names must contain specific information about the job and be set to the following formula: A) Job Name B) Size C) Quantity D) Side (front/back) e.g. FPS_A6x5000_front.pdf

Artwork resolution (dpi)

  • Colour raster images should be no less than 300dpi
  • Greyscale raster images should be no less than 800dpi, Monochromatic bitmaps should be 1200dpi.
  • All images must be embedded in the PDF files and OPI must be inactive.

Color Mode
  • All colour models should be converted to CMYK mode. If documents are to be printed in CMYK (Process) all colours, which includes RGB and Pantones (Spot) must be converted to CMYK before making PDF files.

  • Files supplied as RGB may not be detected and will print discoloured and dull. We will not take any responsibility for any unexpected result.
  • 3mm external bleed
  • Text margin should be 3mm inside from the trim mark.
  • All supplied documents must be built to trim.

Line thickness

  • Minimum line thickness: 0.25pt.
  • Anything less than a hairline will not hold on the press.


  • All Artwork must have crop marks for cutting guidance.


  • All fonts must be embedded, outlined or converted to curves.
  • For CMYK colour fonts, the type must be no less than 8pt.

  • All Layers MUST be flattened

Die-cut lines

  • All die-cuts lines must be in vector images, NOT raster images.
  • Die-cut lines must be provided in the exact positions as a separate document.

Transparency & Overprints

  • All Layers MUST be flattened.
  • If a transparency or overprint are to be used in the document it must be flattened and preserved within the documents.

Spot colours

  • All Spot Colour jobs must be provides in a spot separation or map to a 100% of a solid separation colour.


  • All 100% Black background jobs must be converted to rich black using the following breakdown: C=40% M=0% Y=0% K=100%.
  • All black text to be left as 100% black unless it is more than 50pt.
  • For rich black in digital printing, please leave it at 100% black.

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